Applying Learning Management System in the Arab World: Full Guide

In light of the tremendous developments that the world is witnessing at the technological level and due to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a development in the methods of e-learning and innovative tools of learning that mimic the traditional education system Among the most important of these innovative tools [...]

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School Management Software Cost for Arab Educational Institutions

School management software price that you want to choose depends on the features you want to add, which in turn will meet your needs and requirements, thus providing a unique educational experience. There are many things that affect the cost of the school management software, including but not limited to: Professionally processing and organizing student [...]

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How to Choose the Best School Management Software in the Arab World?

Education was able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic depending on the technological developments and digital transformation to find effective and innovative solutions using the best school management software. That has contributed to transforming schools from physical schools to fully digitized schools.  Although there are many schools management software, choosing the best is a difficult matter [...]

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What Is School Management System? And Why Does It So Important?

Schools of all levels and sizes face numerous challenges in organizing communications between administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Student information, payments, and other administrative tasks can be overwhelming, especially at medium and large educational institutions. School management systems can automate these tasks and reduce administrative and personnel requirements. But what is a school management system? [...]

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Tips for teachers while using the school system

    Tips for teachers provided by the iSkola school management system to know the characteristics present in the teacher, especially while using the school management system. presenting a subject is not an easy matter, it differs from one student to another and from one thinking to another, so some qualities must be present in [...]

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Integrated School management system and its features (Part three)

Integrated school system, are its advantages over? Not yet, a continuation with you, the last part of the series explaining the advantages and characteristics of the integrated school system "iSkola" In this part, we will show you the most important characteristics that may receive a lot of attention, whether by the school owner or by [...]

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integrated School management system and its features (Part two)

integrated school management system that can determine the attendance and absence of the teaching staff and students also? I think it is important to talk about this characteristic. How can iSkola determine absence for every student, teacher, or even school administration staff? iSkola system is characterized by the feature of identifying and knowing the absence, [...]

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School management system iSkola and its features 

 School management system that can manage your school professionally and easily! Through the electronic administration of the school system, starting from the students' personal accounts to the tests.   ISkola specializes in providing an effective electronic programmed method for managing schools or educational institutions, to avoid the use of paper and traditional methods, and to [...]

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School control ? How is it administered through the SMS?

Recently having a school management system is not optional! The school system is the best solution and choice during an emergency situation, due to the spread of the Coronavirus … So ... how can you manage an entire school through a school management system only!?   We talked in the iSkola blog about the features [...]

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School Managing and the crisis may happen

Education and school Managing is facing many crises at the current time due to the spread of the Coronavirus, can this crisis be resolved? And what are the potential crises that may occur during school management under the current circumstances? an educational crisis is a sudden and unexpected event, and many schools have been prompted [...]

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