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Tips for teachers while using the school system

    Tips for teachers provided by the iSkola school management system to know the characteristics present in the teacher, especially while using the school management system. presenting a subject is not an easy matter, it differs from one student to another and from one thinking to another, so some qualities must be present in [...]

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Integrated School management system and its features (Part three)

Integrated school system, are its advantages over? Not yet, a continuation with you, the last part of the series explaining the advantages and characteristics of the integrated school system "iSkola" In this part, we will show you the most important characteristics that may receive a lot of attention, whether by the school owner or by [...]

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integrated School management system and its features (Part two)

integrated school management system that can determine the attendance and absence of the teaching staff and students also? I think it is important to talk about this characteristic. How can iSkola determine absence for every student, teacher, or even school administration staff? iSkola system is characterized by the feature of identifying and knowing the absence, [...]

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School management system iSkola and its features 

 School management system that can manage your school professionally and easily! Through the electronic administration of the school system, starting from the students' personal accounts to the tests.   ISkola specializes in providing an effective electronic programmed method for managing schools or educational institutions, to avoid the use of paper and traditional methods, and to [...]

By |2021-04-10T11:39:11+00:00April 10th, 2021|iskola|

School Managing and the crisis may happen

Education and school Managing is facing many crises at the current time due to the spread of the Coronavirus, can this crisis be resolved? And what are the potential crises that may occur during school management under the current circumstances? an educational crisis is a sudden and unexpected event, and many schools have been prompted [...]

By |2020-12-28T14:09:12+00:00December 28th, 2020|iskola, Uncategorized|

E-learning helps schools keep studying in crisis

E-learning has become the main solution through the Coronavirus crisis,  So, will it become a solution to complete the educational process if the second wave of the virus spreads? Recently, we know about the spread of the second wave of the Coronavirus, but no decisions were taken to suspend attendance in schools or postpone exams! [...]

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steps to successful school management

Successful school management is the main factor for the school's development and helps to be involved in the educational process, starting with the student to teachers, administration, and even parents! So, in this article, we will talk about how to implement a successful school administration ...   What is the successful school administration through digital [...]

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School management system and its benefits

Integrated school management system is the best solution to manage your school now electronically after technology has become an important part of all our daily and life, traditional methods or systems have become useless! Can you manage your school electronically? It has become easier now, Get rid of the school administration in a traditional, and [...]

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How to Manage time during online studying

Manage time during online studying!! It's too easy with “ISkola” Now!   ISkola gives you some advice to manage time while studying remotely In recent times, the education system has turned to e-learning or "online education" and it was suitable for some, and others faced some problems in managing time or keeping the focus while [...]

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ISkola online system for school management

e-learning has become a lifestyle, recently due to the Coronavirus. So, Using papers became difficult, especially in managing schools, and continuing to manage the school using traditional ways but now, "ISkola" provides you with an online system to manage your school!! And operate the school remotely. So, what is the “ISkola” system? It is an [...]

By |2020-11-08T12:25:00+00:00August 19th, 2020|iskola|
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