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integrated School management system and its features (Part two)

integrated school management system that can determine the attendance and absence of the teaching staff and students also? I think it is important to talk about this characteristic. How can iSkola determine absence for every student, teacher, or even school administration staff? iSkola system is characterized by the feature of identifying and knowing the absence, [...]

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School control ? How is it administered through the SMS?

Recently having a school management system is not optional! The school system is the best solution and choice during an emergency situation, due to the spread of the Coronavirus … So ... how can you manage an entire school through a school management system only!?   We talked in the iSkola blog about the features [...]

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School Managing and the crisis may happen

Education and school Managing is facing many crises at the current time due to the spread of the Coronavirus, can this crisis be resolved? And what are the potential crises that may occur during school management under the current circumstances? an educational crisis is a sudden and unexpected event, and many schools have been prompted [...]

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