E-learning has become the main solution through the Coronavirus crisis, 

So, will it become a solution to complete the educational process if the second wave of the virus spreads?

Recently, we know about the spread of the second wave of the Coronavirus,

but no decisions were taken to suspend attendance in schools or postpone exams!

Now, E-learning has become the basis and not only a temporary solution,

and after students attend lessons in the school become the normal case, a large part of school tasks still electronically,

including accrediting classrooms most of the time, to avoid crowding students at one time and in one place.


There are many benefits of Virtual Classroom: –


Control of discipline during explaining the lesson is the thing that the teacher cares about.

 “iSkola” system provides you with virtual classroom technology to help you maintain student discipline,

and it also helps students to focus on their lessons better and interact with information.

It also gives the teacher the benefit of the lesson time and avoids any potential disruption in the classroom.

The virtual classes give the advantage of reaching the content of the subject at any time,

whether it is an educational video or a file that includes the explanation of the lesson with the ability to share files as well.

The integrated iSkola system for school provides the teachers the ability to share the material or

lesson with the student before the classroom time so that he can read it quickly as a brief that helps him understand better.

So, the student can access the notes or videos by logging in to the system and viewing his account with a large cloud capacity!

The classroom management technology from the iSkola system also includes notifications before the class or lesson date and explanatory start notifications to be received by the parent and the student also.


Some benefits of the virtual classes for the teacher: –


It helps teachers in the process of correcting and putting the test scores in an easier way and placing them on the student’s account to be able to review them better.

The student is also able to see the teacher’s comments to improve his academic level and correct his mistakes.

One of the most important areas for improvement of the integrated iSkola system is efficiency.

You can now apply the virtual classroom system with the iSkola integrated school management system or adopt it as the main system to manage your school in a digital way.

So, E-learning and iSkola integrated systems support the continuity of education in crises!!


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“iSkola” school management system gives you complete management of your school digitally!

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