• Interactive and user friendly dashboard with customized screens for different users including admins, super-admins, and teachers.
  • Unified tabular structure across all screens for seamless database management
  • Dynamical class organizations that allow users to set up grades, schedules, add students, and assign teachers classes
  • Full academic year planning with multi-level details modification and editing including monthly and weekly plans
  • Customizable configuration for working days and announcements
  • Real time student attendance recording
  • Internal storage (digital library) with customizable space for uploaded materials
  • Fully customizable discussion rooms with permissions and validation protocols

  • Publishable admission forms via public links that can be shared across online channels including social media 
  • Seamless applicants processing
  • Browser-based admission exams
  • Automated grading with customizable rules
  • Users external notification via SMS and emails
  • Virtual classes and online examination capability
  • Real time monitoring of exam performance
  • Ability to create and publish assignments with auto grading and question randomization, multi-submission and email notification

  • Comprehensive student’s fees plans with automated invoice generation, VAT tax support, as well as partial and full payment options
  • Online payment processing including Visa and Mada
  • Automated generation of invoices with the ability for partial payment and multiple transactions

  • Full inventory management including monitoring and tracking transactions to and from the school warehouse including books as special category items

  • Dynamical HR structuring with comprehensive employee profiles, full payroll automation, and streamlined work load allocation and monitoring