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KSA most recommended school management system

  • When it comes to school management systems iskola provides you with the most outstanding performance. Whether you are a manager, a  teacher, or a parent customize, administer, and monitor all your educational activities seamlessly and effortlessly.  
  • iskola is a KSA school management system offering outstanding educational performance for school managers, teachers, and parents 
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تعريف نظامنا

مقدم خاصة لأصحاب المدارس الذين يبحثون عن طريقة فعالة غير ورقية لإدارة مدرستهم.
إن Iskola هي نظام إدارة المدارس إلكترونيا و يعمل على إدارة دورة حياة الطالب.
و ما يميزنا عن المنافسين الآخرين ، أن منتجنا Iskola يمنح المستخدم طريقة ديناميكية لبناء هيكل البيانات الخاص به بناءً على احتياجاته.

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ISKOLA allows you to monitor your educational institution’s performance on both academic and admenistrave levels, from anywhere via one single platform

  • تكلفة نظام الإدارة المدرسية
  • مكتبة إلكترونية
  • نظام مدرسي متكامل
  • تكلفة نظام الإدارة المدرسية
  • مكتبة إلكترونية
  • نظام مدرسي متكامل

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ISKOLA  is developed to inclusively accommodate both Saudi and non-Saudi educational systems while significantly boosting the efficiency of educational processes including grade assignment and performance assessments, curriculum management, exams administration, as well as class scheduling


ISKOLA allows parents to frequently follow up on their children’s performance on weekly basis instead of discountinous annual Parent-Teacher Conferencers

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What differentiates ISKOLA ?


Other systems
All-inclusive solutionsLimited solutions
User friendlyComplex interface
Fully customizableRigid features
Full support from deployment to launchNot available
Local technical supportNot available

Fastest growing educational system

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