Integrated school system, are its advantages over?

Not yet, a continuation with you, the last part of the series explaining the advantages and characteristics of the integrated school system “iSkola” In this part, we will show you the most important characteristics that may receive a lot of attention, whether by the school owner or by students and parents or even by the school’s administrative staff also !!

First: – Alerts feature (control the content of alerts)

Maybe you will be facing some situations like:-

I didn’t know when the fees would be reimbursed!

My father couldn’t come today!

I didn’t know about the annual party!

I want to know the educational level of my son!

Does my son face any problems with the subject!

So, when you are controlling your school through the Integrated School System,
you have skipped the stage of facing these sentences or excuses forever

The iSkola school management system contains periodic and daily alerts for parents,
educational staff, or administrative staff, so how?

Alerts for parents: –

The iSkola system is characterized by the ability to send periodic alerts to parents
about all the student’s issues, like the school fees, admission, upgrade to the next grade,
tests grade, results, and even exam dates.

Alerts to the teaching staff: –

The iSkola system also contains an internal network to link all teachers with each other and with the administrative staff also, and when any of the coordinates occurs, the teacher receives a warning message to be fully aware of.

Alerts to the administrative staff: –

Alerts for the administrative staff may be a little different, as it is their role to send alerts, whether to parents in financial situations or to teachers, through the human resources department.

But! Most of the time the administrative staff receives alerts from the school owner if there are some important things about storage features.


Storage feature?? What is the storage feature of the iSkola system?


What is the storage feature and what is meant by it?


The storage feature of the iSkola system is the management of school stores, including school books, school uniforms, special papers for students, etc.


It is controlled by the owner of the school first, then through it, he can give powers to the administrative staff or to the human resources department that is responsible for teachers ’affairs.

And this feature is considered one of the most important, accurate, and most secret in the “iSkola” system because it contains all the information, financial safes, and information cabinets for the school or educational institution as well.


So you need an integrated school system! It is no longer a choice

When you own the integrated school system, you will get easy management and organization for your school


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