integrated school management system that can determine the attendance and absence of the teaching staff and students also?

I think it is important to talk about this characteristic. How can iSkola determine absence for every student, teacher, or even school administration staff?

iSkola system is characterized by the feature of identifying and knowing the absence, as well as knowing the attendance and departure during the exam period for the

end of the year and for the middle of the year also.

Whereas, a personal electronic file is created for each student and

for each teacher and for each employee as well, through which he can prove daily attendance, or through which he can register his absence on the specified day with the reasons also mentioned,

which is one of the most important characteristics of the system Integrated school system,

which reports of absence days are sent and attendance verified.

Now it is no longer necessary for you to go to school to know the attendance rates and absenteeism rates,

and it has become easy for the student to know the lessons that he has missed

through the digital library that is also available in the iSkola system

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An integrated School management system

It is necessary that you support your school with the integrated School management system to get the best result during the current circumstances in schools

Now, is it possible for anyone to control or obtain school system permissions or weekly reports?

It is very difficult for anyone to control your school system! Rather, it is almost impossible, because of the safety element in use that characterizes the iSkola system. Through creating personal pages for each user, you are only given the privileges specified for you! No student can encroach on his powers, and no teacher can control administrative affairs!

Only you have the powers to change and amend all matters, whether it is administrative matters, financial matters, or even student and employee affairs.

Administrative powers are completely different from educational powers, as well as student powers.

For example: – The student’s powers are summarized in visiting the

digital library or reviewing the content of the subject and proving his attendance

or absence. but the teacher, one of his powers is to mark exams that appear on the students ’personal pages,

and they are completely different from the powers of administrative affairs or student affairs!

 It is also fun to have an electronic system for managing your school!


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