e-learning has become a lifestyle, recently due to the Coronavirus.

So, Using papers became difficult, especially in managing schools, and continuing to manage the school using traditional ways but now,

“ISkola” provides you with an online system to manage your school!! And operate the school remotely.

So, what is the “ISkola” system?

It is an online management system, to manage your school or educational institution remotely,

and you can also manage your school information and papers electronically,

and arrange student files and the ability to control them remotely.

With a part within the system for all the school’s needs, whether it is the school administration,

educational staff, students, and parents.

It also provides discussion sessions between members of the school administration and educational staff or with students and parents.

To maintain teamwork within the school, which is what helps in its success.


How does “ISkola” work?

“ISkola” provides an effective electronic method for managing schools, to avoid use paper and traditional methods, especially in the current times.

“ISkola” manages the student life cycle by providing a daily schedule and sending continuous notifications to parents.

And managing the student’s file, whether from teachers or from the administration, like the registration or the required needs or by writing academic grades in a schedule, which can be shared with parents and teachers.

“ISkola” also supports building a systematic data structure, which is arranged according to the important needs, whether it is managing students’ files, and teachers, while also making the banking transactions easier!!


“ISkola” and the improvement plan: –

It improves communication between all parts of the school and the needs of the student during the school year,  also facing the problems that may happen when registering for the new academic year.

 and it made communication easier between teachers and students by including homework, grades online !! and allow parents to check it.

“ISkola” saves time and effort, which reduces the load on staff, and this helps to increase efficiency.

and some fields that “ISkola” is working on, is providing data storage solutions for students or the school, and easy access to them to provide the best service.


Some of the features of “ISkola” design: –

“ISkola” was designed with easy interactive design to suit all ages, like students and parents, to help you reach the required element faster.

It also features clear elementals with a quick explanation of the use of all of them.

And its compatibility with the browser and most devices to avoid technical problems, this is also due to the interactive design, which was made professionally by the work team.


Some features of “ISkola”: –

  • Provide continuity of communication between all parties, with easy follow-up of the student, whether from the teacher or parent.


  • The ability to apply online!! And complete the registration process completely remotely also without need papers, through the system’s technically supported programming.


  • Provide a continuous system of notifications, whether it is for parents or teachers.


  • Follow up the student’s life cycle, and learn about his weekly plans and homework.


  • Daily schedule for all classrooms.


  • Managing grades online, and informing parents about them in detail.


  • Provide annual awareness of the age of admission and entry requirements, if changes occurred, and be continuously notified of them.


  • View financial fees, with an organized part supporting the school owner and parents.


  • Display the required taxes and fees according to the student’s nationality, and enrollment conditions.


  • Allow parents to follow the student step by step! In terms of schedule, marks and grades, periodic examination schedule.


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