School management system that can manage your school professionally and easily! Through the electronic administration of the school system, starting from the students’ personal accounts to the tests.


ISkola specializes in providing an effective electronic programmed method for managing schools or educational institutions, to avoid the use of paper and traditional methods,

and to enable remote management, especially in light of the current circumstances.

We will define the characteristics of the iSkola school system in detail and explain

each of them and their importance in managing the integrated school system.


Today we will talk about the test feature and the electronic library of the iSkola School management system: –

So, iSkola manages the student’s life cycle by providing a

daily schedule and notification of his duties and sending periodic notifications to parents of all the details, test scores,

and the date of their appearance on the student’s personal page


What are the steps for school test scores and their appearance in the iSkola School management system?


 iSkola system provides virtual classes to students to avoid mixing and to obtain higher quality

and accuracy in explaining subjects, as well as during school exams, whether they are end-of-year, mid-year, or periodic exams.

Students arranged by seating numbers, and each student can see his seating number through his personal page and

know every new if there is some update also through his personal file

on the iSkola system (the integrated School management system), and then each student attends

the test and registers his attendance for the subject And register his exit and hand over the test paper as well.

It is normal to wait some time to add test scores and also raise them for each student on his personal account,

it is easy to view them in detail, and an electronic report is also sent to the school owner of all students’ grades,

including the top ten, or failure in the course as well!

A notification is sent to each student of the emergence of the previous article’s result,

and it becomes easy to inform parents of it without resorting to going to school or interviewing the subject’s teacher.

Also, parents can follow the student step by step! In terms of schedule, grades, and grades, periodic examination

schedule too!


Now, what does the digital library from iSkola mean?

Are you late for class time? Or was it difficult for you to attend?

Do you lose a lot of valuable information during an absence?

I think it’s hard to make these mistakes now!

The iSkola system contains an electronic library that contains

or includes all classes and the content of the study materials for you to review at any time!

Does this mean absent from the class while explaining it?


It helps you get as much information as possible about the subject, and each subject is arranged according

to the number of students in it and their academic level, you now have the advantage of an electronic library

or you can resort to it at any time possible and suitable for the student in order not to lose a lot of content

Useful for your study material.


iSkola system features elemental clarity with a quick explanation of the use of all of them,

in addition to compatibility with most devices! It enables you to manage it at different times and places.

It is the ideal choice as a school or educational institution owner …


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