Tips for teachers provided by the iSkola school management system to know the characteristics present in the teacher, especially while using the school management system.

presenting a subject is not an easy matter, it differs from one student to another and
from one thinking to another, so some qualities must be present in the teacher to gain
the student’s confidence and also gain his love for the subject.

 Many teachers faced difficulty during the study has shifted from the traditional way to
the electronic or “online” study, but the existence of a school management system I think can make things easier!


So, here are some of the characteristics of a successful teacher: –


  • Familiar with all the new ideas to present the subject.
  • Make Students feel continual excellence, even if it is only minor.
  • It always adds joy to students.
  • He can earn the respect of students, not their fear!
  • To be in constant contact with parents.
  • Passionate about new methods of developing education.
  • Be able to use all school systems 


So, the iSkola system is distinguished by providing a very distinctive use interface for
the teacher to help him acquire previous skills and also to practice it naturally during the study,
regardless of whether the study is conducted in a traditional or remote manner!


The teacher’s interface is characterized by a special section to divide the curriculum in terms of
the time during which the part for students must be explained and it is also characterized by raising the scores for the tests

As well as the dates and times of the school classes, with the feature of notifications that are sent.


Click here to learn more about the notifications feature in the iSkola school management system.


The iSkola system also provides the school administration in the user interface for the teacher with the electronic tests feature, as it always organizes the appointments that are published and the exams start and appear also for the students.


The iSkola system also provides the feature of identifying assignments through the teacher’s interface.
This helps him in placing them easily and correcting them also.

And also the feature of determining the behavior and level of the student through the teacher interface,
which makes it easy for the teacher to determine the behavior and level of the student and weaknesses,
and through it, the teacher can communicate with the parents to solve and improve the level and behavior of the student.

So, facilitating the user interface for the teacher was one of the most important goals and characteristics of the iSkola system for managing schools to keep pace with the current conditions and also to keep pace with the distance education system that has been applied recently.

There war tips for teachers provided by the iSkola to especially while using the school management system.

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