Schools of all levels and sizes face numerous challenges in organizing communications between administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Student information, payments, and other administrative tasks can be overwhelming, especially at medium and large educational institutions. School management systems can automate these tasks and reduce administrative and personnel requirements.

But what is a school management system? Why does it so important? And how can schools in the Arab region benefit from and implement it? 

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What Is School Management System?

A school management system is an information management system for educational institutions to manage student data. It helps teachers get information about students faster, easier and reduces their workload. 

Student databases in school management systems contain information about the students, such as their exam grades, parent information, medical history, tuition fees, etc.

School management systems provide skills such as student registration, class documents, grades, analytical grades for students, and other assessment elements. In addition, school management systems are used to plan the curriculum of students, record their presence and manage the needs of students in the school.

School management solutions are web and mobile-based applications with centralized data storage structures that make it easier for administrators, students, teachers, and parents to access data from iPhone and Android devices. 

After answering the question of “what is a school management system?”, let’s move directly to the importance and ask the following question:

Why Do the Schools Need School Management System?

1. Building a Giant Database for Your School

School management software can host modules that allow users to maintain academic histories and student records. All information about the students can be accessed via the school administration system. 

School management systems contain a lot of information about students like their exam grades, parent information, medical history, school fees details, etc. And this helps teachers to obtain information about students faster, and easier, and to reduce their workload.

2. Facilitating the Educational Process Management

School management systems facilitate the different educational processes such as student registration, class documents, grades, analytical grades for students, and other assessment elements. 

In addition, school management systems can be used to plan students’ curriculum, record their attendance and manage student-related needs within the school. 

Moreover, school management systems vary in size, scope, and ability to be packaged and implemented by small organizations that cover student data and enterprise solutions that aim to cover most aspects of the operation of large organizations and their online schools with significant local responsibilities.

School management systems reduce administrators, teachers, employees, and others’ activities by providing them with a platform to monitor activities, create reports, and upload documents, and more.

3. Maintaining School Resources

The traditional means of resource management leads to wasteful budget allocation, overburdens the operation of school facilities, and fewer responsibilities are mitigated by school management systems because they connect students to school facilities, and vice versa. 

Moreover, school management software provides a platform that allows parents to make fee payments. That’s a convenient way for parents to avoid late fee problems, as the software can send SMS updates when not paid fees.

4. Building Powerful and Central Communication

Teachers, staff, and other external actors can work together on a central platform. When the administration wants to send urgent messages to parents, or when parents need to make complaints about communication between students and teachers, a school administration system is an internal communication platform that connects one party to another.

Also, implementing a school management system helps parents to be active participants in the educational cycle of pupils. It informs parents about their children’s intellectual development and academic performance; this is an essential reinforcement to motivate students to perform. 

Also, School documents and scheduling are handled via cloud access. Headteachers have access to a specific timetable and daily reports from all teachers.

What Are the Main Uses of the School Management System?

There are various software tools you can use to automate your organization to achieve your goals and take advantage of digitalization in operation, and school management software is an integral part of every school or college. 

The school management software consists of several modules that manage the entire school life cycle that includes:

  • Student enrollment.
  • Timetables.
  • class books.
  • School activities.
  • Fees collection.
  • Students reports.
  • Transportation.
  • Libraries, etc. 

School management systems vary in size, scope, and ability; from small organizations that entail student records to enterprise solutions that aim to cover most aspects of the operation of large organizations and their online schools with local responsibilities.

What Are School Management System Top Features?

Online school management software is a helpful tool for non-educational staff also has features and benefits for those involved in the teaching side. 

  • Ease of Use

In general, an online school management system should provide an easy-to-use interface and a robust system that meets the challenges of the education system and flexibility to adapt to changing needsز

Thus, allowing users to add, modify and view all aspects of the system to facilitate registration, identification of student background, and entrance examinations.

  • Security

The school management system helps schools to keep information about different departments of the school in one place. It allows authorized users to search for information about students and school materials. And this helps to manage data relating to employees in educational institutions, whether it is a school or university. 

  • Open-source Software

The School Management System is an open-source software application that simplifies the various school administrations and colleges and brings together administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

It is a web-based application for the effective and efficient administration of a school or university. The school management system helps manage admissions, timetables, fees, attendance, and evaluation of school staff and students.

  • Suits Both Students and Teachers

Effective school management software not only helps to obtain information about students but also provides information about the activities of teachers in the school. The reach of a school management dashboard can range from narrow and easy for users and administrators to broad and encompass all aspects of student and teacher data management, including health exams and screening.

It is easy to view a specific teacher timetable and create reports. Teachers can use their database to store details of lesson times, learning progress, and class activities in one place. In the classroom, teachers can be present, do classwork, write grades, and communicate with students’ families.


In conclusion, we can say that “iSkola” can offer you all that and much more. Start implementing “iSkola” School management software that helps you:

  • Digitize all your school processes and improves the productivity and efficiency of the school as a whole.
  • Reduce the functionality of administrators, teachers, employees, and others by providing them a platform to monitor activities, create reports, upload documents and, more.
  • Provide regular updates to students and parents through their software and notification system.

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