Recently having a school management system is not optional!

The school system is the best solution and choice during an emergency situation, due to the spread of the Coronavirus …

So … how can you manage an entire school through a school management system only!?


We talked in the iSkola blog about the features of the system that enable you to manage your school electronically through the integrated school system,

  And that includes the virtual classes, schedules, and classes, as well as the part for teachers or school administration staff…

But … how to keep up with school tests has never been mentioned!

The examination period is one of the most difficult and accurate times … and none of the errors is likely


Can I manage the school control or the control of exams through my school management system?

Yes, it can!


iSkola school management system provides you with the management of your school completely electronically, from student files to administrative and financial transactions, as well as human resources management and personnel affairs!


Let us show you some parts of the school control in the school management system and the school control for school exams: –


Through the school management system for your school, you can manage your control through the following points:-


  • Seating numbers (ID no):-

You can distribute seating numbers to students, and you can also view and amend all student information, by arranging educational stages sequentially at each stage.


  • Examination materials:- 

Through the system, you can specify the exam materials and their times by specifying each stage and adding the maximum and minimum scores, and you also have the ability to amend the material ratios, whether it is the degrees of success or failure …


  • exams results:-

You can follow the test cycle starting from its completion until the result appears for each student,
so they can know the details of his results in the course by logging in to the system and inserting his seat number (ID No,).

Once the materials are done, you will get the report that shows you the successful students, the failing students,
the top ten, and a report of the names of the students who were not so lucky in the exam.


  • Managing and adding results in the students’ account:-

Once the exams are corrected and the results report submitted, you can now manage
and add the results for each student to the personal account that has been linked to his
sitting number (ID No,), and send notifications to the student to review his results.


  • student’s upgrade:-

The student who successfully passed the exams is transferred to the next semester, after reviewing the final score.


Thus, you are now able to obtain detailed reports on each committee in terms of the names of
the monitoring teachers through a simple and accurate statement, and the absence and attendance
reports for each subject with the seating numbers and all the student data and control the number of students in each committee.


And follow-up students of the transitional stages, as it is one of the most important and most accurate stages,
and that is through digital reports that are issued periodically.


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