Integrated school management system is the best solution to manage your school now electronically

after technology has become an important part of all our daily and life, traditional methods or systems have become useless!

Can you manage your school electronically?

It has become easier now, Get rid of the school administration in a traditional,

and expensive way and waste time and effort.

So, not to hesitate and start with the “ISkola” school management system and manage your school

with an excellent management system.

Teachers, students, parents, and administrative staff also benefit from the new system

Did you start to think about the step?

So, follow us now …

school managment system

Here are some benefits of the school system: 


  • Working to strengthen communication between the student,
    the teacher, parents, and the school administration:

“ISkola” system provides electronic management tools that make the process of communication between all school members easier

and enable them to perform tasks easier and faster,

especially between teacher and student, because of the student’s ability to show everything new

without restrictions or problems in time. And place.

Also, parents can follow the student’s life cycle without the hassle of going to school.


  • Understanding the information has become easier! Without the problem of large numbers:

The “ISkola” school management system provided a solution to the problem of crowded classrooms!

Which is one of the biggest reasons why a lesson or information was not delivered well.

The student now has the ability to view the educational content at any time directly,

or to retrieve it during holidays or after the end of the school day.


  • help teacher to follow up with tasks and test scores completely electronically:

It allows teachers to reach a larger number of students, through communication programs and show scientific material,

and this reduces the burden on teachers during lessons, and also follow-up homework in an easier way.

And it allows the teacher to correct the homework through the system!


  • Informing parents periodically and continuously at the level of students:

Parents’ follow-up of the student’s life cycle remains one of the most important things!

So, the school management system helps in this step through the file of each student with his grades,

tasks, and what has been applied and worked on,

without facing the difficulty of going to school continuously and trying to communicate with each teacher separately.


  • Ease of referencing data and arranging information storage:

Usually, the school or school administration has difficulty storing data, especially the old data of students, 

with the increase in numbers, it becomes almost impossible!

referencing data and arranging information storage

So, we provided the integrated school management system “ISkola” to save the centralization of data and storage solutions,

not only for students’ files but also for teachers and school administration personnel,

by storing them in cloud servers that provide easy access to information.


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