Education and school Managing is facing many crises at the current time due to the spread of the Coronavirus,

can this crisis be resolved? And what are the potential crises that may occur

during school management under the current circumstances?

an educational crisis is a sudden and unexpected event, and many schools have been prompted

to take a decision to postpone studying until they find a suitable solution in the school Managing,

and it asks school owners to make quick and different decisions and find alternative solutions.


Some of the crises facing schools and their management:


  • interrupted the daily program 

 The occurrence of sudden circumstances on the day that require all school members to stop work,

whether it is teachers, administrative staff, or even students, constitutes some delay

in the academic schedule and postponement of some lessons and administrative operations.



  • Managers lost control of the situation during crises

 When an interruption occurs in the study or the occurrence of some unexpected situations in the school Managing that require the intervention

of managers to find alternative and quick solutions to complete the daily program

in a normal and orderly manner, one of the most expected problems is the loss of control

over the educational environment in the school so that the only ideal solution is to stop

the school day until Finding alternative solutions.


  • Systemic or management risk

 In the current circumstances and the spread of the Coronavirus, schools have become threatened by some risks,

like stoppage of work or financial crises, and lack of control over the school because

all individuals are absent from the school building to maintain social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.


So, how can the principal and administrative staff overcome these problems?


 From the above, we can conclude that educational problems and crises affecting

schools are administrative, organizational, and psychological also!! And cause disruption of the daily program.

 The school owner and the administrative staff have a very important and clear role,

which is the increase in work efficiency through planning, organizing, and communication to obtain an effective result.

for example

For example: –


Planning: – is planning for what could happen, worst cases and circumstances, and finding solutions to them

before they happen – in anticipation of any emergency

situation and thus you can reduce surprises and be

fully prepared to face crises and manage them through systematic planning.



Organizing: – For the tasks of people, and following up on their carrying out the required tasks or tasks remotely,

and the school director must provide compatibility between all individuals and the efforts exerted to achieve the equation

of equality in work and the ability to produce better,

especially if it is required to achieve and provide collective effort.


Contact: In order for all of the above to be done consistently and efficiently,

communication between all individuals

is required in an easy and fast manner.

Communication plays a pivotal role in dealing with problems and crises, and the contact

is not limited to the school staff communicating with each other, but also

the school principal’s contact with parents to keep him informed of all new and reach them faster,

and the teacher contact the student to clarify what is required to do more easily. And he explained.


How can you provide all of this? Without the need to go to the school building and control your school remotely?


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it is an integrated system to manage your school electronically.

 iSkola school management system works on three main areas of improvement such as

communication, increasing efficiency, and ease of registration, which supports you

electronically to solve all the crises that may occur during the management of your school,

as well as It also provides you with the advantage of virtual classes to avoid postponing lessons and disrupting the daily program.


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