Education was able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic depending on the technological developments and digital transformation to find effective and innovative solutions using the best school management software.

That has contributed to transforming schools from physical schools to fully digitized schools. 

Although there are many schools management software, choosing the best is a difficult matter that must be submitted to many important standards to choose the best school management software in the Arab world to meet your needs and achieve all your desired goals.

Here are the most important features that you can rely on in choosing the best school management system. Follow us to learn about them.

7 Features for Choosing the Best School Management Software in the Arab World

1st Feature: Safety

It is the most important feature that must be considered when choosing the best school management software. The chosen system must have high qualifications that provide security for the student’s data and all parties of the educational process to protect them from any penetration that may occur.

Therefore, you should choose the best school management software that guarantees your school’s data privacy and maintain it with the latest innovative methods according to the recommended security standards.

2nd Feature: Flexibility

When looking for the best school management software in the Arab world, you need to make sure that it has the flexibility to match your school’s needs without facing any problems. 

You have to observe this standard even if advanced methods are adopted to develop the school system according to what may happen in the future of the educational process. For example, by implementing “iSkola” you have a flexible tool that gives you the possibility to absorb any future developments.

You have to look for the best school management software that adapts to the changes that may occur in your school in the future, rather than submitting the school to the program’s advantages only and sticking to them without the possibility of developing them.

3rd Feature: Availability of Ongoing Support

It is important to choose a school management system that provides round-the-clock support like “iSkola” because if a problem arises it will be immediately addressed to serve a unique learning experience for students without any problems.

Many schools have faced some difficulties that have caused disrupted the educational process due to the lack of rapid support, which affected the educational process and students and achievement of their lessons.

4th Feature: The Ability to Absorbing

When searching for the best school management software, it is necessary to take into account the feature of absorbing so that you can add data records of old and new students without being restricted.

You must carefully pre-determine your needs and goals to be able to choose the best school management software that will have the capacity to contain all data records of all parties to the educational process.

5th Feature: Ease of Use

There is no doubt that the best school management software must be easy to use, this standard is very important because it plays a critical role in making the most of it for the benefit of the school.

If you choose a complex program or system to manage your school, all parties of the educational process, including teachers, students, parents, and supervisors, will find it difficult to deal with the system and this will affect the educational process. 

Therefore, it is essential to choose the best school management system that is easy to use so that any procedure can be done through it in simple and easy steps without complication.

6th Feature: Integration

No program or system does everything but rather one program or system is more comprehensive than the other. 

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a school management program that gives the possibility of integration with other applications and data sharing with schools, which contributes to simplifying the educational process and linking all its parties into an innovative technological network, which saves time and effort.

7th Feature: Supporting the Ability to Be Worked Online or Offline

Depending on the requirements of the school, it’s necessary to search for the best school management software that supports online or offline operation according to the objectives to be achieved from the program.

You should know that school management programs that connect to the internet give the possibility for students, teachers, parents, and all parties to the educational process to communicate with each other smoothly and from anywhere, giving the educational process flexibility in dealing. 

But sometimes, schools prefer to deal with their school management software offline because based on their intended objectives.


Relying on the great technological development witnessed by the world has contributed to providing effective and innovative solutions to overcome all the problems that have arisen because of the emerging Coronavirus crisis. 

The education field has benefited from this enormous development by relying on e-learning management systems and advanced school management programs that contributed to providing a customized educational experience for students without being restricted to going to schools, including taking exams and assignments and following up on lessons through virtual classes, etc.

“iSkola” is one of the leading companies in the field of designing e-learning management systems and school management programs in the Arab world. 

It provides you with an integrated school system that enables you to manage your school professionally and with complete ease.

So, what is the advantage of the iSkola school management system?

  • The iSkola school management system has many advantages, for example:
  • Providing virtual classrooms to obtain high quality and accuracy in explaining study materials and during school exams.
  • Providing a digital library that contains all the study materials and explanations made by the teachers, giving the ability to review and return to them at any time.
  • Tracking absence and the attendance of students, teachers, or school administration staff.
  • Providing the highest security and privacy features.
  • Its compatibility and responsiveness with most of the devices used, including desktop and mobile devices.

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